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Artist Alexander Cruz presents his new painting style which was a great success in his initial presentation in the University of Turabo's Museum, where thousands of people had the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of the artist.

This exhibition was made with an educational purpose so Puerto Ricans learn more about our  fauna, flora and culture thru art. This collection has 54 oil paintings in a unique artistic style where the artist merge Abstract Expressionist with the birds Photorealism.

In his artwork he shows the birds on some trees from the island and, in some cases, he paints the flower or the seed that characterize that tree or plant. 

The frames of these artwork also are part of the artistic style where the artist paints the frames in accordance to the colors of the birds and/or the background.

Lugares de exhibición:

Galería Cidreña, Cidra
Date: September 25, 2015

Museo de Vida Silvestre, San Juan
Date: March 27 -
December 15, 2014

Turismo de Puerto Rico, San Juan
Date: August 15 -
November 1, 2013

Centro Ceremonial Indígena
de Tibes, Ponce

Date: August 6 - 31, 2009

Museo y Centro de
Estudios Humanísticos,
Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo
Date: February 20-
                  April 20, 2009

Escuela y Galería Cruz, Inc., Bayamón
Date: October 1, 2009 - present

Guided Visits with the artist.
For reservations call:

 787-778-3276 ó 787-740-7288
Sale of Informational Cards:
(18 Endemic Birds of Puerto Rico)

Frente                                                                    Atrás

18 pack for $35.00 ($1.94 c/u)

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Todas las obras están hechas en óleo sobre canvas y están protegidas por © Copyright (Derecho de autor ©)

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